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The HCMC Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO) is the social-political organization under the leadership of the HCMC Party Committee and the HCMC People’s Committee. It is also a member organization of the HCMC Vietnam Fatherland Front and the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations.

It plays an active part and has significant contributions in the struggle for peace, freedom, democracy and social development. It works as the bridge to support and collaborate with other foreign organizations in designing and implementing the cooperative programs in culture, education, economy, commerce, tourism and technology, etc.

Every year, many activities such as meetings, anniversaries, workshops, exhibitions, artistic performances, sport competitions, etc. are organized by HUFO and foreign counterparts to strengthen the mutual understanding and the cooperation between Vietnamese people including HCMC’s people and foreign communities in HCM City as well as peoples of the other countries in the world. It regularly sends friendship delegations overseas and receives foreign delegations visiting HCMC.

So far, there have been 31 members Friendship Associations ( F.A.) in the HUFO network: the Vietnam – ASEAN F.A., the Vietnam - Cambodia F.A., the Vietnam - Laos F.A., the Vietnam - Thailand F.A., the Vietnam - Singapore F.A., the Vietnam - Indonesia F.A., the Vietnam - Malaysia F.A., the Vietnam - China F.A., the Vietnam - Korea F.A., the Vietnam - Japan F.A., the Vietnam - India F.A., the Vietnam - Australia F.A., the Vietnam - Russia F.A., the Vietnam - Mongolia F.A., the Vietnam - France F.A., the Vietnam - Germany F.A., the Vietnam - U.K. F.A., the Vietnam - Czech F.A., the Vietnam - Hungary F.A., the Vietnam - Poland F.A., the Vietnam - Sweden F.A., the Vietnam - Bulgaria F.A, the Vietnam - Romania F.A, the Vietnam - Slovakia F.A, the Vietnam - Holland F.A, the Vietnam - Canada F.A., the Vietnam - U.S. F.A., the Vietnam - Cuba F.A., the Peace Committee, the Peace and Development Foundation, the Esperanto for Peace Association.

HUFO also has close relations with the other international organizations, non-governmental organizations, foreign communities and individuals working and living in HCMC. It mobilizes the assistance and support from the foreign economic organizations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals for the social, charitable and humanitarian programs in HCMC and creates good conditions for foreign non-governmental organizations to implement the projects and non-project aids.

HUFO appreciates the cooperation with friends from all over the world for the sustainable development and progress.




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