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1.     Title:
·        Hội Hữu nghị Việt Nam – Thái Lan Tp.Hồ Chí Minh (in Vietnamese)
·        The Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam–Thailand Friendship Association (HVTFA) (in English)
2.     Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam–Thailand Friendship Association (the Association) is an organization in Ho Chi Minh City, a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO) and the Central Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association.
3.     The HVTFA’s functions are in accordance with the Law of Vietnam and HUFO regulations. The Association has a legal entity, with its own stamp and bank account.
-        Main office     : 31 Lê Duẩn Boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
-        Telephone      : (84)-8-8296238
-        Fax               : (84)-8-8232987
4.     The HVTFA’s functions are to strengthen and promote the mutual understanding, the multi-faceted cooperation, friendship and solidarity between Vietnamese people in general, Ho Chi Minh City people in particular and Thai people.
5.     The HVTFA’s scope of activities is to:
-         Coordinate governmental institutions, people’s organizations and societies in organizing activities to boost friendship between the peoples of Vietnam and Thailand.
-         Promote Vietnam to the Thai people; introduce foreign and domestic policies of the Vietnamese government.
-         Inform the people of Vietnam about current issues in Thailand.
-         Build and develop friendship and cooperation with Thailand - Vietnam Society and other Thai socio-political organizations through exchanging delegations and documents, such as photographs, films, publications and other activities.
-         Support trade and economic links, as well as cooperation in science - technology, education - training, culture, sports, tourism, between Vietnamese organizations and individuals, and their Thai partners.
6.     The Executive Committee comprises:
·        Mr. Trương Hoàng, Chairman
·        Mr. Lê Tôn Thanh, Vice-Chairman
·        Mr.Phan Huy Thuần, Vice-Chairman
·        Mr. Đinh Khắc Duy, Vice-Chairman
All institutions, organizations, individuals who voluntarily join the HVTFA, complete the registration process and agree with the HVTFA’s mandates, purposes and regulations are recognized as members of HCMC Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association (as collective membership, sub-association, or individual membership). Subscriptions are based on the mutual and voluntary agreement.

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